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October 9, 2003

Doubl-Kold has been engineering, constructing and servicing our client’s refrigeration systems for over 10 years.  We choose to work with Doubl-Kold because we feel they offer our clients a superior product and service.

          Over the years, Doubl-Kold has shown a commitment to continually search for construction practices which ensure a quality product and pass on a cost savings to our clients.  They have always purchased dependable equipment and backed warranties with outstanding service.  Their professional installers have provided quality workmanship and the company has always taken all necessary measures to assure projects are completed on budget and on schedule.

          We can strongly recommend Doubl-Kold as our choice for design, installation and service of industrial refrigeration systems

R.S. Cameron
Yakima, Washington

December 1, 2003

Wayne Gohl, Jr.
3505 1/2 Fruitvale Blvd.
Yakima, WA  98902

RE: Letter of Recommendation

Dear Wayne
  As an end user of your equipment and installations, I have been very pleased. The quality and workmanship is excellent.  I have been impressed with the ability of your crews to readily adapt to engineering and design changes in the field.  Your ability to complete a project on time is second to none and I appreciate your follow-up support.

  Your computer control program is simple to learn and use, yet flexible enough to control and troubleshoot all phases of refrigeration and ca systems.  Our first computer control system has been running almost flawlessly at the River Road plant since 1989.

  The personnel in your service department are a very talented group.  Whenever I need service or repair work done, I can always count on them to do it right.

  Finally, I must comment on your parts department staff.  I deal with them more than anyone else at Doubl-Kold.  They are very helpful and always seem to be able to find the parts I need in a timely manner.  They have even helped me find items not directly related to refrigeration.

  Please let the whole crew know how much I appreciate their professionalism, courteousness, and ability to get the job done.  Feel free to continue to use my name as a reference in the future.


Roy Williams
Refrigeration & Storage Operations Manager
C.M. Holtzinger Fruit Co.
Yakima, Washington

Eddie E. Senn
Refrigeration Coordinator

Date: 10/10/03
To: Wayne Gohl
Company: Doubl-Kold
Re: Letter of recommendation

As primary refrigeration contractor on our 1999 80,000 sq. ft CA storage project, Doubl-Kold’s work was performed in a manner that successfully completed the refrigeration system installation within the scheduled timeframe.

Doubl-Kold’s flexibility in adapting to onsite changes during construction and responsible performance during the installation resulted in the high quality operation and professional appearance of the refrigeration system.

The system continues to provide extremely close control of operating conditions as is required in a CA operation. Doubl-Kold has continued to be available for technical assistance on every aspect of the system from daily operation to more complex issues of design and computer programming.

Doubl-Kold’s experience and expertise would be a desirable addition as a refrigeration contractor candidate on any storage project.

Biglerville, Pennsylvania

2 October, 2003

To: To whom It May Concern

Subject: Recommendation;  Doubl-Kold.

In early 2001, we undertook a project to expand our freezer warehouse by an additional 66,000 square feet or 2,647,011 cubic feet.  The project provided for the inclusion of five state of the art blast cells, 2,298,187 cubic feet of new freezer capacity, and a refrigerated dock / staging area of 348,824 cubic feet.

One of the prime contractors involved in this project was Doubl-Kold.  From the very beginning of the project it became readily apparent that our decision to use Doubl-Kold was absolutely the correct choice.

The level of professionalism, dedication, experience and subject matter expertise brought to the project by Doubl-Kold was critical to the project’s overwhelming success.
The project was finished under budget, on time (discarding time lost due to a hurricane hitting our area during the mid-point of the project) and the results achieved, to date, have been far better than all our expectations.  As an example, the blast freezers have proven to be the most proficient when compared to all our other facilities; more importantly, due to the high efficiency the cost of operation is by far the most fruitful.

While we had very few and minor problems after system activation, the few and minor issues that crept up were immediately addressed and corrected with commendable efficiency and speed.  In addition, our facility engineer reports that he has had immediate responses to his inquiries on system operation and / or ways to improve system efficiencies.

In short we were very satisfied with Doubl-Kold’s planning, coordination, execution and service after completion.

Would we use them again???  Absolutely!!!

Joe Peraza
General Manager
LaPorte, Texas

October 16, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

Stemilt Growers has been using Doubl-Kold for our refrigeration and control needs for over the past 10 years. In that period of time they have done projects for us from a few hundred dollars each up to nearly two million dollars for a couple of projects.

In doing these projects, Doubl-Kold has shown a commitment to the quality of the project, an ability to coordinate with other crafts, the use of skilled craftsmen and their knowledge of their product. Doubl-Kold’s ability to complete a project in a compressed timeframe and on schedule is second to none. An example of this was in 1993 when Stemilt Growers added nearly 150,000 sq. ft. of refrigerated space consisting of 39 individual refrigerated rooms at our Olds Station facility in Wenatchee, WA. Doubl-Kold’s personnel arrived onsite Aug. 15th and turned the last room over to us for use on Oct. 16th. Doubl-Kold completed a similar sized project for us in 1996. Each of these projects were around 1.8 million dollars for refrigeration and computer control.

Stemilt Growers continues to use Doubl-Kold for our refrigeration projects and as we have added additional facilities to our operation we are utilizing Doubl-Kold’s service personnel more each day. Their knowledge and professionalism is of the highest quality.

Doubl-Kold also has provided Stemilt Growers with technical support over phone when needed, including after hours and weekends. Doubl-Kold also provides Stemilt Growers with necessary parts for our refrigeration mechanics through their parts dept, shipping the parts to the necessary warehouse.

Stemilt Growers has used Doubl-Kold for many years and plans to continue to use them long into the future.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Steve Shiflett
Director of Operations
Stemilt Growers, Inc.
Wenatchee, Washington


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