Doubl-Kold, Inc. was founded in 1978 as an Industrial Refrigeration Contractor.  Over the next two decades the company worked on building a good reputation with its customers, while continuing to develop and expand.  In 1998, Doubl-Kold, Inc. was purchased by a group of employees and became Northwest Refrigeration Contractors dba Doubl-Kold.  Doubl-Kold has continued to evolve and grow into the organization it is today. 

 Doubl-Kold has strived to be one of the top refrigeration contractors in the Industry by providing high quality equipment and top of the line service.  Over the years, we have continued to grow by adding new departments to meet new challenges in an ever-changing industry.    We now provide services ranging from refrigeration and control systems to environmentally friendly solutions and packing line equipment all under one roof. 

 Doubl-Kold’s Controls Department was started in the early 1980s.  Doubl-Kold is the only refrigeration company in the Pacific Northwest to offer an in house computer controls department.  We continue to evolve with technology, the DOS system used in the 1980’s and 90’s was replaced with new technology of the .Net system in the early 2000s.  The .Net system is a more user friendly and has allowed us to expand our ability to control more within the facility.  The Controls Department continues to strive to keep on the cutting edge of technology for our customers and continue to make their programs user friendly. 

 In 1999, Doubl-Kold established their Engineering Department.  The department has developed over the past decade to include four engineers, two with professional engineering licenses in 15 states and an engineering support staff.  Their projects range from Controlled Atmosphere and Cold Storage rooms in the fruit industry to working on projects in the fish industry as well as variety of other perishable product facilities worldwide.  A few of the services our engineers are able to provide are system design, evaluation of a facility, and assistance with ammonia regulation programs.

 The recent “green” technology movement in Industry led Doubl-Kold to begin exploring options for air and water treatment within our customers’ facilities.  We began research and development on the use of ozone in water and air applications to control the growth of mold and bacteria on the produce and meet organic requirements.  Doubl-Kold has been able to prove success with its ozone applications and has installed several air treatment systems and ozonated water rinse bars, since 2007.  We are now offering a water filtration and reclamation system that uses a more organic approach and minimizes the use of chemicals.

 Doubl-Kold continues to meet the demands of our customers while providing a quality product and service.  Doubl-Kold now offers our customers all their Controlled Atmosphere, cold storage, sanitation needs with one phone call saving time and money.

Mission Statement

Doubl-Kold is one of the foremost designers and manufacturers of quality industrial refrigeration and control systems for the fruit and food industries and industrial refrigeration users throughout the world.

We are committed to:


Creating a secure and enjoyable environment, which encourages our employees to continually grow and improve their performance.


Providing premiere support and service.


Being an active and supportive member of our community.


Operating profitably and being on the leading edge of current technology.



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