Doubl-Kold has teamed up with PM Hazmat, Inc to provide Ammonia Emergency Response Training (Hazmat Training) for our customers.  Kem Russell, with the assistance of J. Patrick Johnson of PM Hazmat, Inc, put on the following classes:

Information on the Instructors:

J. Patrick Johnson:

  • Background
    • President of PM Hazmat, Inc
    • Past President and Director of the Ammonia Safety & Training Institute (ASTI)
    • Member of IIAR Safety Task Force
    • Founder of NH3 World Report on the internet at NH3.org
    • Chairman of the Percy R. Johnson International Ammonia Safety Summit
  • As an Assistant Chief Training Officer in Hazardous Materials for the Shreveport Fire Department, Pat suffered burns on over 72% of his body in an ammonia explosion on September 17, 1984. The incident brought concern to the use of ammonia as a refrigerant.  Doug Hill of Hill Brother Chemicals and Chief Gary Smith of Watsonville, California (which has over one million pounds of ammonia inside its city limits), approached Pat and together they decided to form a non-profit organization, ASTI.  The mission of ASTI is “through training, ammonia would become the safest handled chemical in the world.”  Pat worked with the organization for many years before resigning to be able to train people on safely handling ammonia full-time.

Kem Russell, PE:

  • Background
    • Vice President of Engineering at Doubl-Kold
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Washington
    • 40 years of design, construction, and startup of industrial ammonia refrigeration systems
    • Assist many companies with PSM/RMP requirements
    • Registered Professional Engineer in eight states
    • Member of RETA
    • IIAR and RETA Annual Meetings Speaker
      • Awarded the prestigious “Andy Ammonia” Award in March 2006 at the annual IIAR meeting for his presentation of the technical paper “Refrigeration for Controlled Atmosphere of Apples in the 21st Century.”
    • Serves on the IIAR Safety Committee as Chairman
    • Member of the Code Committee
    • Reviewer of IIAR Technical Papers
    • Member of the Executive Committee of the Yakima County Local Emergency Planning Committee
    • Associate Technical Editor for NH3.org



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