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Information on the Instructors:

Kem Russell, PE:


    • Vice President of Doubl-Kold's Engineering Dept.
    • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Washington
    • 50 years of experience in design, construction, and startup of industrial ammonia refrigeration systems
    • Since the early 90's have assisted many companies with PSM/RMP program requirements
    • Member of IIAR and  RETA
    • Speaker at annual IIAR and RETA conferences
      • Awarded the prestigious “Andy Ammonia” Award in March 2006 at the annual IIAR meeting for his presentation of the technical paper “Refrigeration for Controlled Atmosphere of Apples in the 21st Century.”
    • Served as the IIAR Safety Committee as Chairman for seven years
    • Served on the IIAR Board of Directors for six years
    • Voting member on the IIAR Safety, and Compliance Guideline Commitees
    • Author of the quarterly IIAR Condenser magazine "Lessons Learned" articles
    • Member of the Yakima County Sheriff Office Search & Rescue group
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