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"Serving the refrigeration industry for over 30 years!"
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Doubl-Kold has spent most of the last three decades building its reputation as an industrial refrigeration contractor.

We are the number one industrial refrigeration contractor in the Pacific Northwest, offering refrigeration solutions for:

  • Fruit Cold and Controlled Atmosphere Storage
  • Freezer Tunnels and Freezer Storage
  • Multi-Temperature Distribution Facilities
  • Hydro-Cooling
  • Dairy and Cheese Processors
  • Ammonia, FreonTM, and Secondary Refrigeration Systems

Doubl-Kold employs professionally trained installers and service technicians, who have been specifically trained on industrial refrigeration. The employees are required to meet certain standards within the profession and obtain the necessary licenses to continue providing our customers an excellent product.

We have the ability to:

  • Access and Make Recommendations
  • Provide Installation and Start-up of Industrial Refrigeration Systems
  • Supplying, Building, and Installation of CA Equipment
  • Service and Support for Our Installation and Other Systems
  • Ability to Supply Parts and Equipment to Our Customers Who Make Repairs Themselves

Doubl-Kold has taken pride in its ability to work closely with its customers to meet their industrial refrigeration needs.  We spend time designing the system in order to provide the customer with the most economical and energy efficient system to allow them a better return on their investment.
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