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In 2005, Doubl-Kold began research and development on the use of ozone as a disinfectant for perishable products.  Ozone is a strong naturally occurring disinfectant that with the proper exposure time and levels has been found to significantly reduce mold, bacteria, viruses, and yeast growth on foods.  We have successfully installed several air applications used to treat apples and pears while under controlled atmosphere.  We have had success with ozone in water through spray bar applications and more recently through a water filtration system.  Doubl-Kold continues to work on new products to offer our customers to meet their needs and future growth.

Doubl-Kold Offers...

  • Ozonated Air Treatment for Packing and Cold Storage Rooms
    • Fumigation Before Room is Loaded
    • Treatment During Storage
  • Sanitation Treatment for Bins
  • Ozonated Rinse Bars for Product Sanitation
  • Water Filtration and Reclamation Systems
  • Facility Air Quality Systems

Ozone Can...

  • Kill Bacteria
  • Kill Mold
  • Inactivate Viruses
  • Eliminate Dust and Impurities
  • Eliminate Odors

Ozone Is...

  • FDA/USDA Approved
  • Recognized as an Organic
  • Internationally Recognized as Safe
  • Internationally Recognized as Organic in Most Countries
  • “Green” Technology

Water Filtration System...

  • Can be Used for Water Reclamation
  • Uses a Mechanical Filtration System
  • Uses Environmentally Friendly Chemicals
  • Provides Sanitation for Dump Tanks
  • Can Reduce Water and Sewer Cost
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